Discount Codes

PieRSquared Media is in the business of Splattering guys for less. And we want you to save even more! How? Discount Codes. Below are some of the discount codes we offer, and when you can apply them:





PieRSquared Media has been expanding the choices we offer. Now, instead of just one video, monthly, we release several, all with the same character - The Episode and three (3) OneShots. If you were to buy them individually, you would pay $17.50. But when purchased together, you can use the COMBOPACK discount code to save 10%.

But what about older videos? Just have enough videos to sum up to $17.50. The discount will still be valid. With this, you can mix and match videos from Seasons 1 and 2, and still save.





Would you believe that some people still order DVDs? Weird, right? Well, PieRSquared Media is here to cater to all who are interested. So we offer all of our videos, both Episodes and OneShots, on DVD as well. Just select one video to be shipped, and all videos on your order will be shipped. It's just that easy. 

But shipping is expensive. PieRSquared Media knows this, and doesn't want you to miss out on the Splattering fun. That's why we offer the SHIPNO discount code. This code can be used once you've met two (2) requirements:

  • Have at least one video to be shipped
  • Have a total order of at least $30 USD

Unfortunately, this only applies to shipments within the United States. We are in the process of working out a way to offer free shipping to the rest of the world. Stay tuned.




PieRSquared Media offers SplatPacks, a collection of 4 episodes, sold at a reduced rate. But what if you don't want those 4 episodes?

Create your own SplatPack by adding a minimum of four (4) episodes to your cart, and use the discount SPLATPACK. You've just created your own custom SplatPack, and you'll get the same discount as if it was pre-assembled.

There is a catch, though. The discount only applies to the Episodes. OneShots are not included in this offer. There will be one soon.


More To Come


This is just the beginning. We are looking for new ways to save you money! Save more, Splatter More!