103 - Walter

103 - Walter | Bundle

Get the Episode and three (3) OneShots, and get 10% off. 

The Bundle is available in ZIP and PDF with links format, so those who have difficulty with opening ZIP files can still access all the files in the bundle!

Available in: 

Standard (Episode, SplatJack, 2 - Slime OneShots)

Alternative (Episode, Diffuse the Splatter, 2 - Slime OneShots)

Mega: Episode, SplatJack, 2 - Slime OneShots, Diffuse the Splatter)

103 - Walter | Episode

Meet Walter. He’s a Gootuber who makes documentary style videos on other Splatter Islanders, and helps improve their public image. How will he do on Splatter Island?

Scene contains:

20 - Pies

2 Slimes

103 - Walter | SplatJack

Walter is going for an additional payout in SplatJack

Scene Contains:

1 Pie

103 - Walter | Choices

Walter gets his fate decided by you. You know how it ends…

Scene contains:

1 Slime

103 - Walter | SplatterCoin

Ulysses recruits Walter and his talents to make SplatterCoin seem more legitimate. 

Scene contains:

1 Slime

103 - Walter | Diffuse the Splatter

Can Walter Diffuse the Splatter?

Scene contains:

1 Pie Sandwich