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Currently scheduled for September 2022

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Season in Review videos

Season in Review videos

This past year has thrown off everybody's schedule, including Splatter Island's.

This is why instead of having a yearly review of OneShots that come out in March and July, both are being released with the end of Season 9 - Episode 90.

Season 9 is defined as Episode 81 | Jonny through Episode 90 | Qurtis

Coming March 15, both the Season 9 Review for Pies and Slime will drop at the same time.

Have yourself a messy little Christmas

Have yourself a messy little Christmas

It's time for the Green Christmas Sale
New Limited Series

New Limited Series

Diffuse the Splatter is a limited series, meaning not all future models will participate. When a model does, the Bundle will have three (3) options: Standard, Alternate, and Mega.

Hits List 2018 now available

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