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99 - Leo 2

99 - Leo 2

My Fellow Splatter Islanders; This month, Leo comes back. Here is his trailer: Here are his videos: 99 - Leo 2| Bu...
A Change will do you good

A Change will do you good

If you're seeing this, you can tell something has changed. The blog, which used to be further down, has been moved to the top.


A Very Special Episode

A Very Special Episode

Splatter Island's 100 Episode is right around the corner. It's already been filmed, and who will be the featured model?


This Month's Trailer

Click here to watch this month's trailer:

Becomes available at 12 Midnight, ET, October 1, 2022


Currently scheduled for November 2022

Pre-release video available on Patreon

Hits List 2018 now available

Gotta hit them all