Welcome to April

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;
Welcome to April!
This month, we inaugurate Spring by bringing you a familiar sight in the wormer months of the year - the construction worker! 
Meet Dylan!

115 - Dylan | Bundle

Get the Episode and three (3) OneShots, and get 10% off. 

The Bundle is available in ZIP and PDF with links format, so those who have difficulty with opening ZIP files can still access all the files in the bundle!

115 - Dylan | Episode

Meet Dylan, the witty construction worker making his debut on Splatter Island. He's a pro at building, but can he survive getting slimed and pied in the face? Featuring 20 pies and 2 slimes, this episode will have you laughing out loud! Don't miss out on the fun!

115 - Dylan | Can You Handle It

Take on the challenge of Dylan's next adventure as he tries to build on his winnings from Splatter Island! With the potential to make plenty of cash, he's ready to take on even the worst pies from the island. Are you ready to join him and see if you can handle it? Scene contains 3 pies.

115 - Dylan | Choices

Unleash your inner prankster with 115 - Dylan | Choices! In this green seat dilemma, you have the power to either Splatter Him or Don’t Splatter. With one slime in the mix, the fate of Dylan lies in your hands. Get ready for some quirky, unconventional fun!

115 - Dylan | Safety First

Stay safe (and clean) on the job in Dylan's Safety First video. Don't underestimate the power of protection, whether from slime or falling debris. As Dylan learned (the messy way), better safe than sorry!

Next month, we'll catch up with our old friend Xander the Psychologist and see what he's up to. Until then,
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