104 - Leo 3 Collection

104 - Leo 3 | Bundle

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104 - Leo 3 | Episode

Leo the surveyor is no stranger to the outrageous challenges on Splatter Island. But in his third appearance, he finds himself facing his messiest and most humiliating trial yet. As the pies come flying at him, one after the other, Leo tries to block them with correct answers, but it's no use. With each splat, he's coated in cream . And just when he thinks it can't get any worse, the slime comes pouring down, drenching him from head to toe. But despite the mess, Leo keeps his cool, determined to make it to the end and claim the prize. Will he emerge victorious, or will he be left covered in pie and slime? Tune in to Splatter Island to find out!

Scene contains:

30 Pies

4 Slimes

104 - Leo | Paranoia

Xander the psychologist is studying why Splatter Islanders have a higher rate of anxiety than other nations. Today, he’s working with Leo. Leo is a surveyor who thinks someone is watching him. What makes him think that? If Leo is all alone, why does he still get slimed when he says those three little words? Xander can’t help but remember the old saying - “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they AREN’T watching you”.

Scene contains:

1 slime

104 - Leo | Leo and Mason

Leo saw Mason’s episode of Splatter Island. The host finally gets what he’s been dishing out all these years. And Leo is looking forward to telling Mason exactly what he thinks about Mason’s episode. But Leo forgets the primary rule of Splatter Island, when teasing someone else - one false move can turn the tables.

Scene contains:

1 Slime

104 - Leo 3 | Can You Handle It

SplatJack and Diffuse the Splatter have been combined into a single OneShot featuring 3 consecutive pies. Here is the first episode:

Leo can multiply his winnings by taking some of the worst pies Splatter Island has to offer. Can he handle it?

Scene contains:

3 Pies