105 - Xander

105 - Xander | Bundle

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105 - Xander | Episode

Meet Xander, one of Splatter Island’s leading psychologists. He knows the minds of the residents of Splatter Island, inside and out, but does he know how to cross Splatter Island cleanly? Behind every question is a pie waiting to hit him, and if he’s smart enough, he can avoid them. If he can’t, he can sacrifice an article of clothing to the Splatter Island volcano to disarm the trap. But with surprise pies and unexpected slime, making the journey with his clothes and cleanliness intact will be a challenge. 

Scene contains:

20 Pies

2 Slimes

105 - Xander | SplatJack

Xander’s experience on Splatter Island was less impressive than he had hoped for. But, he’s got a second chance in this non-canon bonus round where he can wager all his winnings for an even bigger payout, or lose it all

Scene contains:

1 - Pie

105 - Xander | Analysis

Xander may finally have cracked the code to why all the Choices videos end with the presenter getting slimed. What has Xander’s research revealed, and how can they implement it to ensure the presenter stays clean?

Scene contains:

1 slime

105 - Xander | Case Studies

It's a well-known fact that Splatter Islanders have anxiety-related illnesses at higher rates than other countries. Xander has an explanation, and presents three* case studies to show their relationship to living in Splatter Island.

Leo's case study is available now, but Xander is working on the other two as we speak.

Scene contains:

2 Slime

105 - Xander | Diffuse the Splatter

In a last-ditch effort to make his appearance on Splatter Island worth it, Xander will  take on the challenge of Diffuse the Splatter. He can either with big bucks, or get splattered … again

Scene contains:

1 Pie Sandwich