106 - Kirk 3

This month, Kirk comes back for his third attempt to make some money. He's a medical student who has transferred from Wassamadda U to Splatter Island University. Here's what happens to him this time:

106 - Kirk 3 | Bundle

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106 - Kirk 3 | Episode

In this video, we follow Kirk, a medical student who recently transferred from Wassamadda U to  Splatter Island University, as he competes on the Splatter Island game show for the third time. The catch? For every wrong answer he gives, he gets a pie in the face! Kirk must answer 20 questions correctly to win the grand prize. But since it's his third appearance, he has even more pies to handle, totaling to 30! Will he be able to handle the pressure and avoid getting splattered? And what about all that slime that he's just three simple words away from bringing down on himself? Tune in to find out!

Scene Contains:

30 Pies

3 Slime

106 - Kirk 3 | Can You Handle It

Having completed Splatter Island, Kirk has the option to supercharge his winnings. But he has to take a series of the worst pies Splatter Island has to offer in order to get there. All he has to do is ask for it. So, Kirk...

Can You Handle It?

Scene contains:

3 Pies

106 - Kirk 3 | Catching Up

The 106 - Kirk 3 | Old Friends video follows Kirk as he meets with an old friend while transitioning to Splatter Island University. Through their conversation, viewers gain insight into the difficulties of adjusting to a different university environment and learning how radically different the Splatter Island University environment is from his previous university, Wassamadda.

Scene Contains:

1 Slime

106 - Kirk 3 | Field Work

Kirk has finally gotten to the point in his training where he can get real-world experience! In this interview for an internship, he MUST convey the dedication Splatter Island University has to training the best medical professionals in the country ... under orders from the Dean himself, or else.

Scene contains: 

1 Slime