113 - Cameron

113 - Cameron | Episode

Cameron is a Yes Man. Meaning he can only answer Yes to questions. Does Cameron think only saying Yes will keep him clean? Yes. But he says yes to everything, even if it’s not right

Round 3 has gone missing, so this will be discounted.

Scene contains:

15 Pies

2 Slimes

113 - Cameron | Can You Handle It

Cameron has completed Splatter Island and for a few extra pies, and multiply his winnings by a lot. He just has to answer one question: Can You Handle It? And Cameron can only give one answer for that!

 Scene Contains:

3 Pies

113 - Cameron | YES

Since Cameron can only answer Yes, we are giving him a command to share his thoughts on the benefits and difficulties of being a Yes Man.

Scene contains:

1 Slime

113 - Cameron | Feedback

The problem with Yes Men is they always say Yes, but when they get pressed on the details, they often come up short

Scene Contains:

1 - Slime