99 - Leo 2

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;

This month, Leo comes back. Here is his trailer: https://youtu.be/o4bqlfuRF-w

Here are his videos:

99 - Leo 2| Bundle

Get the Episode and three (3) OneShots, and get 10% off. 

The Bundle is available in ZIP and PDF with links format, so those who have difficulty with opening ZIP files can still access all the files in the bundle!

Available in: 

Standard (Episode, SplatJack, 2 - Slime OneShots)

Alternative (Episode, Diffuse the Splatter, 2 - Slime OneShots)

Mega: Episode, SplatJack, 2 - Slime OneShots, Diffuse the Splatter)

99 - Leo 2 | Episode Only

Leo is back, trying to win more money. How does that work out for him?

Scene includes:

25 Pies

3  Slimes

99 - Leo 2 | SplatJack

Leo is taking another crack at SplatJack

Scene contains:

1 Pie

99 - Leo 2 | Calling In

Leo doesn’t feel like going to work today, so he’s calling in. How convincing can he be?

Scene contains:

1 Slime

99 - Leo 2 | Dating Profile

Leo is creating a new dating service to find the someone of this dreams. Can he go without making a fool out of himself?

Scene contains:

1 Slime

99 - Leo | Diffuse the Splatter

Leo is still after that coin. Does Diffuse the Splatter work better for him?

Scene contains:

1 Pie Sandwich