A Change will do you good

If you're seeing this, you can tell something has changed. The blog, which used to be further down, has been moved to the top.


First, a little backstory to this shop. This store is powered by Shopify. While Shopify has a lot of really powerful tools, one thing they can't (are unwilling) to do is allow smaller store owners the ability to set a new version of the homepage to go live at a future time. Larger ones can, but they have to have the sales volume to justify that. I don't. It's extraordinarily expensive. Like several month's worth of income expensive, per month.

Life changes have made my previous workflow untenable, so I'm trying to use existing tools to their fullest extent. The blog is the perfect way to set up a homepage to post every month, at a specific time, with this month's new content!

Look for the next update on December 1. I don't know who it will be right now.