A Very Special Episode

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;

Splatter Island's 100 Episode is right around the corner. It's already been filmed, and who will be the featured model?

The Splatter Island Host!

The man who has been dishing out punishments for almost 10 years will finally know what it's like going through Splatter Island. And he gets the whole treatment!

 - Well, if he has been reading the questions and answers, wouldn't he know the answer to every question?

These aren't that kind of questions! Splatter Islanders sent in their questions and he's answering them!

 - Since he splatters the contestants, does that mean he stays clean?


A guest host came to read the questions and deliver the punishments

 - Does he get stripped like other contestants?

Yep! Down to his briefs

 - Does he go through the OneShots?

 You bet! All the additional pies and slime you've come to expect!

 - Are there any sneak peaks?

The 100th Episode has been up on Patreon for a while. But here's the teaser trailer.

 - When will this become available?

The Splatter Island 100th Episode is scheduled to release on January 1, 2023