Episode 112 - Victor 2

112 - Victor 2 | Bundle

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112 - Victor 2 | Episode

Victor is back to win great amounts of money, and with great money comes great splatters. Victor is no exception, and has to drudge through even more pies to get to the prize!

Scene contains:

25 Pies

2 Slimes

112 - Victor 2 | Can You Handle It

Victor has completed Splatter Island and for a few extra pies, and multiply his winnings by a lot. He just has to answer one question: Can You Handle It?

 Scene Contains:

3 Pies

112 - Victor | Case Studies 3

Xander is finishing his report, and has the third and final case study, featuring Victor. 

Scene contains: 4 Slimes (1 New)

112 - Victor | The 3.14 Club

Victor has been promoted at Chip and Dales, but it seems to be too little, too late. He's looking to move on, and he's got his eye on The 3.14 Club. It's like Chip and Dales, but fancy. And he has to practice doing everything in a refined manner, by keeping his pinkie up. Even when getting slimed.

Scene Contains:

1 - Slime