February Full Release Delayed

This month's full release will be delayed by a day or so. 

My external hard drive with my Splatter Island material failed and was replaced. That's not a catastrophic problem, since my external hard drive backs up to Dropbox. 

What is a catastrophic problem is I need to pull down all my content, and that is taking days. And what's more, when I saved out my files for this month's release to my new drive, it got backed up and removed locally, so I have to re-download it all. 

When I uploaded my zip files to my store, the files didn't save the first time (operator error), so now they're getting re-downloaded and then re-uploaded, because my store can't pull directly from my Dropbox. (Shopify/Dropbox integration would be great. Just saying.)

At midnight tonight, a couple of products will drop, but the only one that's really ready is the Episode. The bundle still needs work, and the OneShots aren't ready at all.

This only applies to my store. My Patreon is updated, and all the videos will become available at their normal time, because Patreon supports Dropbox links. (see, Dropbox integration makes life a lot easier)

Since I work overnights, I won't be able to complete everything before the deadline, but I can set everything up to be ready when I get home tomorrow morning.

If everything goes according to plan (expect it to not, Because of course),  the full release should become available at midnight tomorrow night (February 2).

Until then, I've attached an image of this month's release - Victor the Exotic Dance.

Hope to have an update soon. Until then,

Thank you for supporting PieRSquared Media