New Limited Series

A new scene will premiere this month with Matt titled Diffuse the Splatter.


Matt is about to get Splattered, but he can stop it if he can guess the correct number in 10 seconds. It's between 1 and 100. Can he do it?


Diffuse the Splatter is a limited series, meaning not all future models will participate. When a model does, the Bundle will have three (3) options: Standard, Alternate, and Mega.

Standard Bundle

The Standard Bundle is the same product you've come to know and love. It has Splatter Island, SplatJack, and the two slime scenes.

Alternate Bundle

The Alternate Bundle is the same price ($15.75) as the Standard Bundle, and SplatJack is replaced by Diffuse the Splatter. Splatter Island and the two slime scenes remain the same.

Mega Bundle

If you don't want to choose between SplatJack and Diffuse the Splatter, then choose both with the Mega Bundle. This one has Splatter Island, the two slime scenes, and both SplatJack and Diffuse the Splatter. If you were to purchase all these videos separately, they would be $20. But bundled together you can save 10%, making them $18.


If Diffuse the Splatter is all you want, you can get it by itself, too. It's the same price as SplatJack ($2.50).