New Splatter Island Store now available!

PieRSquared Media has created a new store, powered by Shopify.

Over time, products will be transferred over from the Highwire store to this store. As they do, the products will be removed from the old site, before it's shut down.

New Features - 

This new store has a lot more features than the previous store. First, the website and the store are integrated. Second, collects (categories) have been created for the individual episodes, and the episodes in general. This means it's easier for you to get the videos you want, not the ones you don't. When you buy all the videos associated with an episode (the Episode and the associated OneShots)*, use the discount code ComboPack (not case-sensitive) to save 10% off your order.

Shipping - 

Splatter Island now offers shipping.

Any video can be purchased on DVD. Each video has an option to have the video shipped (No Shipping is the default). Select one video to be shipped (the shipping rate is the same for all videos), and your entire order will be shipped. Ship one thing, ship every thing.

Free shipping is also available. If you have purchased at least $30 worth of videos, use the offer code ShipNo (not case-sensitive) to get free shipping.

Future Integration - 

I plan to more fully integrate all the services PieRSquared Media offers. Some things simply cannon be integrated, like the Ministry of Splatter store. However, I hope to combine the the multiple Splatter Island websites into one single resource for Splattering!


Here's to a bright future for Splatter Island, all powered by your support. Thank you for supporting PieRSquared Media! Let's get these pie-in-the-sky dreams into men's faces!