Splatter Island now on Patreon

You: Who's the guy in the pic? 

Great Pyre: That's Nathan. He has filmed an episode of Splatter Island which will be released soon.

You: Why is his pic posted now?

Great Pyre: Because his unedited video is on Splatter Island's Patreon right now.

You: Wait, Splatter Island has a Patreon?

Great Pyre: Yep. It has unreleased Splatter Island content, unreleased Lost content, and unreleased Splatter Island X content available for viewing, with the appropriate membership.

You: Wow, anything else?

Great Pyre: Yep! You can also get this month's Episode and OneShots for less than buying them indiviually.

You: You said "with the appropriate membership". What does that mean?

Great Pyre: There are four levels of membership. $5, $10, $15, and $20, named Guest Star, Cast Member, Director, and Executive Producer, respectively. Here's what you get: 

  • $5 a month gets unreleased Lost Content to view and this month's OneShots to download.
  • $10 a month gets everything the $5 gets, and this month's Episode to release.
  • $15 gets everything the $10 gets, and Splatter Island X unreleased content to view. 
  • $20 gets everything $15 gets, and see who is scheduled to film.

You: If I'm not a member, can I see what's waiting?

Great Pyre: Yes, ish. When a new model gets added, a free to view clean image is posted so you can see who's waiting to be released.

You: Great! Anything else I should know?

Great Pyre: Yes, the initial payment is instant, then recurs on the first of every month, regardless of when you signed up.

You: So if I signed up late in the month, I could get two charges pretty close together?

Great Pyre: Yes, but only that first time.

You: Anything else?

Great Pyre: Yes, whatever tier you sign up on, you can get named in the credits. After your first renewal, you will be listed in the credits with your screenname. No real names will be used. That's my way of thanking you. 

You: What's the Patreon address?

Great Pyre: Visit the Patreon Page here. So, are you going to sign up?

You: ....