Welcome to August!

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;
Welcome to August!
This month, we bring you a new model - Zane. Zane is a pizza Delivery driver for Quinten's Pies. Let's see what mess he gets himself into:

107 - Zane | Bundle

Get the Episode and three (3) OneShots, and get 10% off. 

The Bundle is available in ZIP and PDF with links format, so those who have difficulty with opening ZIP files can still access all the files in the bundle!

107 - Zane | Episode

Take a wild ride with Zane, the Pizza Delivery person to Splatter Island, as he attempts to answer questions and win big money (or get a face full of slime!). He'll get pied along the way, but he's ready for it! It's a hilarious adventure no one will want to miss!

Scene contains:

20 Pies

2 Slimes

107 - Zane | Can You Handle It

Zane has completed Splatter Island, and is looking for a massive payout, but there's an obstacle in the way, well, three obstacles. In order for him to get the payout, he has to take three (3) of the worst pies Splatter Island has to offer. All he has to do is ask for them.

Scene contains:

3 Pies

107 - Zane | Choices: Don’t Splatter

Zane is the latest guy to attempt hosting the Choices series and staying clean. The first part is easy, the second part is hard. Does he fare any better than the guys who have come before him? 

Scene contains:

1 Slime

107 - Zane | Zane's Interview

Can you fail and interview and get the job anyways? Yes, you can. Zane is living proof. Here's how he got his job at Quinten's Pies.

Scene contains:

1 Slime

That's our update for this month! Next month, Shane returns. Look for his announcement in September!
Until then,
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