Welcome to July

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;
Welcome to July! This month, we have Leo returning. On one hand, it's great, because he gets absolutely rekked! On the other hand, it's sad because it's his final appearance. Let's see what happens!
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Get ready for an unforgettable episode as Leo, the talented architect, makes his fourth and final appearance on Splatter Island! This time, however, things take a messy twist. Instead of facing trivia questions, Leo finds himself in a hilarious and messy challenge. Prepare to laugh out loud as Leo gets hit with a whopping 40 pies, one after another! Watch as Leo's cool and composed demeanor is put to the ultimate test amidst the pie-splattering chaos.
But the fun doesn't end there! In his exit interview, Leo is in for another surprise as he gets slimed four times! The bright green slime adds an extra layer of hilarity to the post-challenge conversation, leaving both Leo and the audience in fits of laughter.
Don't miss this action-packed and outrageously entertaining episode featuring Leo's grand finale on Splatter Island, where pies, slime, and laughter make for an unforgettable experience.
Scene contains:
40 Pies
4 Slimes
Leo, the talented architect, is back on Splatter Island and is ready to take a leap of faith to win big! This time, with just $1,000 in winnings, Leo has a chance to multiply his earnings tenfold. All he has to do is take on three of the worst pies that Splatter Island has to offer.
Join Leo on his exhilarating journey to break the bank on Splatter Island, where taking a risk pays off in a thrilling and messy way.
Scene contains:
3 Pies
Leo the architect has received a job offer from King Paddington of Sudetenland. The newly crowned king wants Leo to design a new monument dedicated to his coronation. The catch is that Leo needs to leave Splatter Island for the job, which may take a few years. Awestruck, Leo is at a loss for words, but he always has the right words to make a fool of himself!
Scene contains:
1 Slime
With his bags packed, Leo calls up his buddy and adversary Mason, the host of Splatter Island, to let Mason know the news. While Leo is heartbroken about leaving his home, he gets a gentle reminder of the things he won't miss about this place - the slime
Scene contains:
1 Slime
Next month, a new contestant will be featured! 
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