Welcome to March

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;
Welcome to March!
This is a bittersweet month, as Kirk has reached his 4th and final appearance. But, he's not leaving without a bang, or at least a splat. Let's see what his scenes are.

114 - Kirk 4 | Bundle

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114 - Kirk 4 | Episode

Kirk is back for his 4th and final appearance. This episode is split into two parts - The Ordeal and The Exit Interview.


During the Ordeal, Kirk has to withstand 40 non-stop pies. His only comfort, is he gets to lie back in a lounge chair while doing it.


During The Exit Interview, Kirk is asked about his plans once he’s finished with Splatter Island, and any feedback he can provide. It doesn’t go well for him.

Scene contains:

40 Pies

4 Slimes


114 - Kirk 4 | Can You Handle It

Kirk is going all out this time. In order to make as much as possible, he takes three (3) of the worst pies Splatter Island has to offer, with a smile on his face…we think. Kinda hard to tell under all that.

 Scene Contains:

3* Pies


* 2 pies facing forward, and 1 pie in profile

114 - Kirk 4 | Host Choices

Since Kirk has been the victim in Choices, he wants to get a chance to host. Great Pyre isn’t too enthralled with the idea, but relents if Kirk is willing to host from Splatter Island University. That way, if Kirk says the magic words, he won’t get slimed. Of course, things don’t go as planned.


Scene contains:

1 Slime

114 - Kirk 4 | Welcome

Kirk has wanted to join the Slimethritis Eminent Medical Emergency Network. And after submitting his application, he gets in. However, his new job has an unfortunate acronym, so how can he show his gratitude without making it sound … awkward.

Scene Contains:

1 - Slime

Well, this brings you up to date on the events of March. Stay tuned in April, where a new person - Dylan will make his first appearance.
Until then,
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