Welcome to October!

My fellow Splatter Islanders;


Welcome to October!


This month, we're bringing you a new contestant - Aiden the Masseuse! There's only one Slime OneShot because of a problem with the camera, but we still have the primary episodes and three (3) OneShots for you. Let's see what they are:


109 - Aiden | Bundle

Get the Episode and three (3) OneShots, and get 10% off. 

The Bundle is available in ZIP and PDF with links format, so those who have difficulty with opening ZIP files can still access all the files in the bundle!

109 - Aiden | Episode

Splatter Island welcomes a new contestant - Aiden the Masseuse. His objective is to cross Splatter Island by answering questions correctly to win money, but wrong answers win him a pie in the face.

And slime is always 3 little words away!

Scene contains:

20 Pies

2 Slimes

109 - Aiden | SplatJack

Aiden has completed Splatter Island and is now on to SplatJack. Can he hit 21, or will he be hit with pies?

At this point, the question is just a formality.

Scene contains:

1 Pie

109 - Aiden | Choices

Aiden has taken the mantle of host of Choices. Previous hosts end up slimed. Will he be any different?

Scene contains:

1 Slime

109 - Aiden | Diffuse the Splatter

In Aiden's final game, he has one job - diffuse the splatter by guessing the number which is associated with it. Can he come out of this one clean? SPOILER ALERT: NO

Scene contains

1 Pie Sandwich