Paddington Clean - Splatter Him in the Splatterpocalypse
Paddington during the Splatterpocalypse
Paddington learning The Splatterpocalypse also has slime.

54 - Paddington: The Splatterpocalypse

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It's Paddington's final appearance, and he's going out with a bang...well, a splat. He will be experiencing The Splatterpocalypse!epi


How does that work? Simple. No questions. Just pies. 40 of them, to be precise. There will be no water, either. But slime is still a thing. It's 4 things, really!


Two versions are available - Wide and Close. The Wide has no close-ups in it, so you can see all the splatter, all over his body. Meanwhile, the Close version focuses in on his face, in all the pie, and slime.