Welcome to November

My Fellow Splatter Islanders;
Welcome to November!
This month, Ulysses has come back, hat in hand, looking for investors in his SplatterCoin venture. Let's see how things turn out:

110 - Ulysses 2 | Bundle

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110 - Ulysses 2 | Episode

Ulysses is back on Splatter Island.

After the sudden crash of SplatterCoin, Ulysses needs to raise funds in order to keep it going. Any port in a storm, right? But sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.

Scene includes:

25 Pies

2 Slimes

110 - Ulysses 2 | Can You Handle It

Desperate to raise funds, Ulysses is going through whatever he has to in order to keep SplatterCoin operational. So when asked Can he handle it, the answer is going to have to be, Yes

Scene contains:

3 Pies

110 - Ulysses 2 | Press Tour

Ulysses can't stop. He's looking for investors anywhere he can, and part of that involves hitting the press. However, the benefits of SplatterCoin are also it's curse. You can't really discuss getting slimed without getting slimed.

Scene contains:

1 - Slime

110 - Ulysses 2 | Investors

In a case of there being no rest for the weary, Ulysses is pulling out all the stops. Splatter Island and press tours are fine, but institutional investors are where the real money's at. It's also where the real danger is at. Because avoiding slime in front of investors could be the difference between a check and a cold shoulder. It's also something Ulysses is incapable of doing.

Scene contains

1 - Slime

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